Communications Rules

The games Discord server & forums will be subject to the following rules. Rules are enforced by designated Moderators of Chronicles of Middle Ages (henceforth CMA). Rules are fluid and subject to change at the desire of the Administration staff.

1. Punishments & System

RB or Rules Breaches will be issued based on the Rule breached. RB is an ongoing tabulation that can slowly reduce every 30 days of no RB points being added. An example would be a player earning 3 RB, after 30 days they didn’t earn anymore, and their new RB would be 2.
Players will have an RB based on the forums & Discord. In such cases they can be punished for discord RB but still have access to the forums and vice versa. If CMA Administration feels it is warranted a players RB will be cross platformed and punishment distributed on both discord & the forums.
Moderators & CMA Administration will issue warnings in private to players as well as any other punishment. Rules violations that get warnings will have a screen capture made of the violation and stored along with a copy of the warning that was issued. If able players may correct the post that violated the rules with an edit note of apology for breaking the rules.
  • 1 RB: 1 day suspension/ban from forum and or discord
  • 2 RB: 3 days suspension/ban from forum and or discord
  • 3 RB: 6 days suspension/ban from forum and or discord
  • 5 RB: 12 days suspension/ban from forum and or discord
  • 6 RB: 18 days suspension/ban from forum and or discord
  • 8 RB: 30 days suspension/ban from forum and or discord
  • 9 RB: 90 days suspension/ban from forum and or discord
  • 10+ RB: 30 day Ban from game
Players who repeatedly earn suspensions and or bans repeatedly will be evaluated for potential ban from the entire game. Forms of punishment include the following:
  1. Warning
  2. Temporary removal of posting rights
  3. Temporary ban from Discord and or Forum
  4. Ban from game

2. Challenges

Players are allowed to challenge a ruling made by a moderator. They should inform the moderator that they got the warning from that they would like to challenge the ruling, this is done in private, the moderator will acknowledge this and request in the proper channels for another moderator and or CMA administrators to review the case.
The new moderator and or CMA administrator will reach out to the player and create a temporary room/private thread or private message and request from the player why they feel the ruling was incorrect.
Upon review if it is deemed an error was made, an apology will be made by the original moderator after it is explained to them why a reversal is happening. The player will have any RB from the original ruling removed.
Upon review if it is deemed no error was made, the player will be informed and it will be explained to them why it stands.

3. Moderator/Administration Rules

Moderators are expected to act and operate at the highest level as community protectors & representatives of CMA. As such they are at all times to attempt to de-escalate situations, and make sound judgments when issuing rules breaches. As such they are held to the following.
  1. Moderators are subject to the same rules they are tasked with enforcing. Should a player or fellow moderator witness another moderator violating the rules, they should report it to the games Administration staff.
  2. Moderators must report any enforcement of the rules to the Administration staff, as well as reasoning behind the ruling.
  3. Only CMA Administration staff can ban players from the game. Moderators can apply temporary bans to the discord server or forums. In such cases rule #2 must be followed and a public announcement to the community will be made and the reason for the banning made public in an effort to display fair judgment and equal application of the rules.
  4. If a moderator and or CMA Administration must create a private thread/message/temporary discord room, they will also bring in another moderator or CMA Administrator to act as a second.
  5. Any moderator found to be making threats and using their position to gain an upper hand in the game over others will be removed from their position pending an investigation by other moderators & the CMA Administration staff.
  6. If at any time a Moderator has a cumulative 5 RBs they will be removed from their role and not able to assume any positions in CMA staff until their RBs reach 0.

4. General Rules

The following rules apply both to the Discord servers of CMA and its forums.
  1. Posting anything adult-oriented and not suitable for children under the age of 13 or below, be it material, images (gifs, meme) or excessive vulgar language, is not allowed in either Roleplay or non-roleplay topics. 2 RB
  2. Spreading harmful material in any form (language, images, etc) that is harmful, abusive, slanderous, or defames a player or group of people in any situation, be it Roleplay or Non-Roleplay, is against the rules. 3 RB
  3. Use of racist slurs, attacks of religions, or sexual preferences in any situation, be it Roleplay or Non-Roleplay, is against the rules. 3 RB
  4. Sharing of harmful materials such as viruses or advertising material that can harm a player or the game is against the rules. In cases of spreading viruses, Administration will comply with any local law enforcement investigation that arises from such. Banned from game
  5. Actively sharing links to another game with the intention of recruiting players of CMA to that game is forbidden unless shared in a designated place as dictated by the CMA administration. 1 RB
  6. Violating the privacy of a player, moderator, or game Administration staff is forbidden. This includes sharing private information such as a player's real name, location, etc. Sharing private messages from any source is forbidden unless consent is given by all parties involved or it pertains to a CMA investigation of a player. 3 RB
  7. Spamming the same topic in multiple locations is forbidden. 2 RB
  8. Taking a forum post, discord thread, or designated discord channel off-topic is forbidden. It is understood that this can happen at times, but the original OP will be consulted by moderators and/or CMA Admins if they feel the new post has derailed their original post and intentions are bad enough to warrant punishment. 2 RB
  9. Flaming, bashing, and/or trolling is forbidden. This includes hostile interactions such as insulting another player in an attempt to provoke them to breaking rules that they might not normally have broken. 2 RB
  10. Accusing another player of violating rules in public is forbidden. Be it a discord rule, forum, or game. If a player feels another has violated a rule, they should reach out to a moderator for review. 2 RB
  11. Abusive reporting of players is forbidden. This is seen as making false reports of a player violating rules multiple times, to a point it turns into harassment of both the moderator & CMA Administration staff, as well as the player being reported. 1 RB first offense, 2 RB each additional offense
  12. Harassment of another player, moderators, or CMA Administration staff is forbidden. Harassment is defined as aggressive pressure or intimidation thus creating an unpleasant or hostile situation. 3 RB
  13. It is forbidden to enter into an ongoing challenge to a moderator or CMA Administration staff in public channels of discord or threads on the forum. The player will be given a single warning, but the Moderators & CMA Administration will make use of temporary discord rooms, private threads, and private messages to address a player's challenge. If a player refuses to accept this and continues in public, they will be temporarily banned pending a review by the moderators & CMA staff on the next course of action. 2 RB

5. Forum Specific rules

The following rules apply to the CMA’s forums only as it is the primary space for Roleplaying.
  1. Abusing Roleplay and (Non-Roleplay) tags to circumvent rules is forbidden. Examples would be Roleplaying in a Non-Roleplaying topic, or using Non-Roleplay in a Roleplay topic. Even going from Roleplay to Non-Roleplay in a post with the intention to disrupt a post or violate another rule is prohibited. 1 RB
  2. God-modding in Roleplay is forbidden. God-modding is defined as “Any form of cheating by automatic hits and controlling another player’s character’s own action/reaction”. You only control your character, no one else's. 1 RB

6. Ruling database

Storage of rulings made by moderators & CMA Administrators will be kept at all times. This will have the following items.
  1. Screenshot of rules violation. Private message of moderator or CMA Administrator informing the player of the violation and any RB and punishment.
  2. Moderator or CMA Administrators reasoning for the ruling.
  3. Any challenges made by a player on the ruling.
  4. Final result of any challenges.
The reason for this database is for moderators to be able to reference past rules breaches and apply the same punishment equally, to avoid discrepancies and to also let players know that a system to keep everything fair is in place.