Release "Glut and Hydration Consumption"

Published on (2023-02-18)

As previously announced, the frequency of glut and hydration consumption has been changed. Previously, it used to occur once a day, and 30 points of hydration and glut were removed, resulting in 10 health points being lost if either glut or hydration reached 0.

Now, every three hours, 3 points of hydration and glut will be removed, totaling 24 points per day. If either glut or hydration reaches 0, 1 health point will be deducted, so you must maintain at least 4 glut and 4 hydration points to avoid losing health points.

With this release, we have lowered the reduction of glut and hydration from 30 to 24 points, and reduced health damage from 10 to 8 points, in the hope that it will make things a bit easier for you.