Release "Upgrade Buildings"

Published on (2024-04-09)

In addition to the possibility of constructing new structures, there will be the opportunity to upgrade public buildings by adding functionalities.

The Regent will be able to see the list of possible projects under the "Projects" section.

Once the project is launched, a building site will appear in the city if the project involves the construction of a new structure, or it will be possible to upgrade the already existing structure.

By clicking on the "info" menu item on the structure, citizens can check the progress of the project, while the Regent can see the progress in his Castle and set the payment rate due for the construction.

Collecting materials

Citizens will be able to deposit materials in the structure that is being built or upgraded. If a character deposits materials that are not required for the construction/upgrade, they will be stored in the inventory otherwise they will be destroyed immediately. Since it is no longer necessary to have storage capacity while building/upgrading, the inventory capacity of the building site will be set to 0.


Hospital construction: the materials required for the upgrade are immediately destroyed. 

Castle: the deposited items go into the inventory until it is full. 

Castle upgrade: the materials required for the upgrade are immediately destroyed, while other materials are deposited in the inventory until it is full

Once the necessary materials have been donated, construction can begin.

Enabled projects

New structures

Hospital (already existing)


Market: Private sales (enable Private sales between citizens)

Required Materials: 50 Wooden boards, 30 nailspile, 2 ropes, 1 glass panel 

Required Work Hours: 100 hours