Release "Global Score Ranking"

Published on (2024-03-13)

Global Score for Characters

For players, a global score will be added that synthesizes the existing rankings. The global score (GS) will be equal to the weighted sum of the character's positions in the various rankings. Currently, we have the following Rankings: Best Supporters, Richest Chars, Oldest Chars, Best Fighter. Positions range from 250 to 1.

The following weights will be associated with the Rankings:

  • Oldest: 0.1

  • Supporter: 0.2

  • Richest: 0.3

  • Best Fighter: 0.4

Global Score for Kingdoms

A global score for Realms will be added, which is a combination of the global scores of its players plus other factors.

The Global Score for Realms will be determined by the sum of all the global scores positions of its citizens + badge score + structure score where:

  • Badge Score: Each badge won at an event will be associated with 100 (1st place), 50 (2nd place), or 25 points (third place)

  • Structure Score: Each built structure will be associated with a score (Hospital: 500)