Release "New NPC: Chickens"

Published on (2024-02-19)

NPC Chicken

A new NPC (Chicken) will be configured with the following characteristics:
Max Armies: 25
Units: 1 to 3
Strength: 3 to 4
Dexterity: 2 to 3
Intelligence: 1 to 2
Health: 30
Items Dropped: 50% Feather, 10% Meat

Direct attack for NPCs

Only for NPCs, a player will have the option to Attack directly (Attack Now) or Prepare a Battlefield (Prepare Attack).

If the character chooses to attack directly, the battlefield will be created so that the battle will start within 1 minute at the latest and no one else can access it. Additionally, the battlefield will be closed within 5 minutes of the battle's

To attack NPCs, it will no longer be necessary to have the Military I skill.

Defeat in Combat

Currently, there are no major penalties for a defeat in combat, the character's health will be set at 30%. A stunned state is introduced where the character cannot take actions for 1 hour.