Release "NPC Crafting"

Published on (2024-02-08)

NPC Crafting


Give instruments to increase production with the aim to lower all item prices.

New Skills and Items

Two new skills will be introduced:

  • Herbalist II
  • Pottery II

Two new items will be introduced:

  • Incendiary arrow
  • Bricks

Crafting shops

Characters with level 2 skills (Wood Crafting II, Distilling II, Blacksmithing II, Tailoring II, Cooking II, Herbalist II, Pottery II) can hire an NPC to work in the workshop.

The price of a worker will be discounted based on the character intelligence stat. The maximum discount applicable is 40% off the base price with an intelligence stat of 10. This applies also to Breeding and Farming activities.

Increase in craft production

Based on the player's Dexterity and Intelligence stats, there will be a chance to produce an additional item during crafting.