Release "Warehouse and Maintenance"

Published on (2023-10-29)

Release Objective

  • Reduce the abuse of the market (storing items)
  • Add further warehouses
  • Introduce the concept of maintenance and repair, which is essential for raids and sieges (where structures will be damaged)
  • Introduce a way to hire a service


Currently, the warehouse has 30 slots. The capacity will be increased to 40. Additionally, a new structure called "Large Warehouse" with an 80-slot capacity will be introduced at the price of 300 GC.

Naming structures

The option to name structures will be introduced, for example, "Warehouse 1" or "Flower Cultivation Field," tied to the Patron bonus.

Addressing market abuse

To reduce the abuse of the market, which is often used as a storage facility, a maximum limit of 20 sellable items will be set. Possessing the skill Merchant I raises the limit to 30, and having the skill Merchant II elevates the limit to 40.

Structure Wear and Tear

The concept of maintenance and slight wear and tear of structures is being introduced. Each day, every structure (except mobile ones) has a 33% chance of wearing down by 1%, another 33% chance of wearing down by 0.5%, and a final 33% chance of not wearing down at all.

When a structure's condition falls below 20%, its functions will no longer be accessible (except for Repair). Player-owned structures or those that can be constructed will be destroyed if they reach 0%.

The following structures do not degrade:

  • Battlefield
  • Building site
  • Camp

Repairing a structure

It's possible to perform maintenance on a structure directly by clicking the "Repair" link.

Required Tool: Hammer

Required Energy/Glut/Hydration: 1 Energy, 0.2 Hydration, 0.2 Glut per repair point. Any excess beyond 100% will not consume energy, glut, and hydration.

Cost: 0 gold coins

Required Materials: 1 stack of nails, 1 stone, 1 piece of wood. The materials must be stored in the structure to be repaired or in the personal inventory.

Condition restored depend on the skill level (Masonry I or Masonry II), dexterity, and the quality of the materials used.

Renting Repair Service

It is possible to rent the Masonry skill of another character to repair structures. To do this, you need to visit a character's profile to check if they have Masonry I skill, their rate, and available Repair Points, then click "Rent".

Note: This method will be used in the future to implement other tasks, such as player healing (without going to a hospital) or building palaces.

Required Tool: None

Required Energy/Glut/Hydration: 0

Cost: Depends on the service provider's rate

Required Materials: 1 stack of nails, 1 stone, 1 piece of wood. The materials are the responsibility of the service renter and must be stored in the structure to be repaired or in their personal inventory.

The recovery points depend on the points purchased and the quality of materials used.

Configure Masonry I Skill

Those who possess the Masonry I skill can configure the rate in gold coins for each point of repair completed from their personal profile.

Accumulating Repair Points

A player with the Masonry I skill can accumulate repair points using the "Accumulate Repair Points" link at the Warehouse Area building. The accumulated repair points depend on the player's skill (Masonry I or Masonry II) and dexterity.

Required Tool: Hammer

Required Energy/Glut/Hydration: 20, 4, 4

Cost: 0

Required materials: None