Release "Battle Engine v1.1"

Published on (2023-09-14)

This release address some adjustments and fix to the battle engine.


The damage formula already takes into account the soldier's energy, but during battle, energy is not reduced. This has been fixed: a miss will consume 0.1 energy, while a hit will consume 0.2 energy. This means that the damage will decrease the more the fighter gets tired. At the end of the battle, the fighter will have left the remaining energy.

Damage Increase 

Currently, there is a weapon damage multiplication factor of 1.6. In order to shorten battles, it will be increased to 2.

Attacking NPC Armies

It will no longer be requested to hold an army to attack an NPC Army. Attacker will still need to have military1 skill.

Battle Aftermath

  • Player-controlled characters (PCs) who are defeated will have their health set to 30, and their energy will be updated to reflect what remains after the fight. Their inventory will go into the loot.
  • NPC characters who are defeated will be removed from the army, and their inventory will go into the loot.
  • Armies participating in the battle will have their condition set to 20%.
  • NPC armies that no longer have units will be destroyed.
  • PC armies that no longer have units and whose owner has been defeated will lose their inventory and coins, which will go into the loot.
  • Battlefield will close now in an hour.
  • From when the battle is completed, the attacker (if winner) will have exclusive access to the loot for 30 minutes, while the remaining players in the winning faction will have access to the loot from the 31st minute.

Introduction of Additional Combat Statistics

Currently, the character has statistics for NPCs defeated/killed, like (Wolf: 7), and in the future, it will include other NPCs and players as well.

Wolf: 7

Knights: 34

Players: 4

We are introducing the stats for Personal Won Duels and Personal Lost Duels, so In a character profile one can see:

Wolf: 7

Knights: 3

Players: 4

Personal Won Duels: 6

Lost Personal Duels: 8

Fighting Score: 2.87


The Fighting Score statistic will be determined by the value assigned for each defeated opponent. The assigned value is a function of the difficulty and rarity of NPCs and the win rate of personal duels, for example:




N. Max instance

Respawn time



Very low (1)

Very common (1)


One hour

1*1 = 1


Low (2)

Very common (1)


One hour

2*1 = 2


Note: Rats are not existing yet.


A ranking for Fighting Score will be added.

Other changes

  • Unequip all command has been added to character inventory
  • Item Informations (including if the item is courtesy) have been added on market view page