Release "Royal Patron Package"

Published on (2023-08-24)

Purpose of release

  • Introduce a vanity package Royal Patron for players that want to support the game. Funds will be used to pay Server costs, Domain costs, Support development and game management efforts, Sponsor Events.
  • Introduce Achievements


Package costs 37 credits (4.99 EUR) (4 weeks)

Package Perks

Badge SUPPORTER beside your name

Your username in Character List will have a badge beside it so everyone can see that you are supporting the game. Your line will also be highlighted.

Custom Title

You will be able to set a custom Title (like Lord) before your character Name

More characters in motto

Your motto length will be upgraded from 50 to 255 characters. More space allows you to express better and share more information.

More characters in description

Your description will be upgraded from 512  to 1024 characters. More space allows you to express better and share more information.

Test Environment access

You will be granted exclusive access to a test server with speed x100 where you will be able to access new features or content before they are released to the general player base.You will also be able to find bugs and get credits before the release hits production.

Exclusive events

Beside events open to all players, participate in events that are reserved exclusively for paying members.

Notes: Other perks eventually will be introduced in future


Achievements are introduced and will be visible on Character Profile. Five levels of achievement “Supporter” will be introduced:

  • Patron
  • Sponsor
  • Benefactor
  • Champion
  • Legend

Note: credits assigned for found bugs or granted in events will count.