Release "Diplomacy - Sprint I"

Published on (2023-07-22)

Configure a Diplomatic Relation

A Regent can configure diplomatic relations with another kingdom in their office under Kingdom/Manage Diplomacy, for a cost of 1 paper sheet, 1 wax seal. A cooldown of 15 days is applied from the last modification. This operation doesn't require energy, glut, or hydration.

The change in the diplomacy relation can be direct or require confirmation, depending on the starting and ending states. If confirmation is needed, the receiving King will receive an event similar to this:

The Kingdom of England proposes to change the diplomatic status between the Kingdoms to: Neutral. Do you accept? [yes/no]

Diplomacy relation changes that require an approval cannot be proposed if the target Kingdom does not have a Regent. The proposal expires after 7 days.

AS-IS Relation TO-BE Relation Necessary Agreement?
Neutral Partial Embargo No
Neutral Total Embargo No
Partial Embargo Total Embargo No
Partial Embargo Neutral Yes
Total Embargo Partial Embargo Yes
Total Embargo Neutral Yes

Diplomacy Relations Map

Diplomatic relations can be viewed on a map. The player can select a Kingdom, and the map will display the various relations by colouring the states with different colours.


Various actions will be inhibited depending on the diplomatic relations:

Relations Sell/Buy from Market Buy Shop/Farms/Breedings Extract Resources Prepare Lesson/Study Cross Kingdom Raid/Conquer
Neutral Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Partial Embargo No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Total Embargo No No No No Yes No