Release "Revisitation of glut and hydration logic"

Published on (2023-06-30)

The release aims to drastically reduce glut and hydration consumption during the day, reducing the anxiety of players if they miss a daily login. The consumption of glut and hydration is linked to actions, in this way an inactive (for whatever reason is inactive ) player can survive easily with Work for Government and avoid doing actions.

Daily glut and hydration consumption

Every 24 hours, 5 glut and 5 hydration will be removed. This is only to remove completely inactive players who would disappear in about 30 days.

Glut and hydration consumption

Some actions consume glut and hydration. The consumption value of glut and hydration will be equal to 0.2 of the energy consumed.

Drink From Fountain

The function "Drink from Fountain" will be removed.

Work for Government

"Work for Government" function is to be used exclusively for emergencies and will give +5 glut and +5 hydration (equivalent to daily glut and hydration consumption), but will subtract 75 energy.

"Work for Government" will no longer give gold coins that can be gained only by voting on the toplist, thus contributing to giving visibility to the game.

Voting on Toplist

To encourage voting on the toplist, each vote gives +3 gold coins, for a maximum of 9 gold coins per day.


To avoid a character getting stuck, if they do not have enough glut or hydration, they can still travel but with a penalty of 50 energy.


You can see in the events who contributed points and who studied