Release "Redistribute Stats"

Published on (2023-03-24)


The maximum total stat cap has been set to 19 points (sum of all three stats): this means that you can maximize at most a single stat up to 10 points.

When the cap is reached, it will be possible to move one point from one stat to another every 30 days. The logic to increase the stats has slightly changed: it's possible to see in the stats box how many days have passed since the last stats modification, and when the counter reaches 30 days, one can increase a stat.

When the stat is increased, the counter is reset to zero. Therefore, it's important to increase the stat as soon as 30 days are reached.

Before reaching the cap, one can move one point from one stat to another by spending 5 credits. This operation is possible every 30 days.

Clothes Consumption

Reduced the probability of daily clothing consumption from 20% to 2%. Added clothing consumption to actions: actions such as crafting, extracting, seeding, plowing, feeding, killing, etc. will consume clothing on the torso, legs, and left hand (if wearing gloves). Chance of consumption is 50%, so clothing may or may not be consumed with the action. Working for the government is excluded from clothing consumption.


Fixed missing images for the Queen and Rector roles.