Release "Ref Links"

Published on (2023-03-10)

A player can register another character with their referral link.

The referrer, starting from the 15th day of the referral's seniority, will receive a percentage x% of the energy spent by the referred player on specific actions that identify the player as active.

Referral Seniority Energy Spent Percentage
0-15 days 0%
16-30 days 1%
31-60 days 3%
greater than 60 days 5%

In addition, the referrer will receive 10% of every credit purchased by the referral.

Actions that generate energy for the referrer:

  • Build Structure
  • Collect Water
  • Crafting
  • Resource Extraction
  • Feed animals
  • Harvest field
  • Kill animals
  • Move
  • Move with structure
  • Plow field
  • Prepare Lesson
  • Seed field
  • Study
  • Work as a surgeon