December 22 Test Event

Published on (2022-12-22)

This test event is to test the functionality developed so far, give feedback to the developers and to kickstart the game. Note: it is possible that there may be blocking bugs, the event has been created for this very purpose!

Objective: each kingdom will have to produce the following number of items. The first Kingdoms that produces them and put them in the Castle wins.

  • 5 Fish Soup
  • 5 Meat Soup
  • 5 Wool Trousers
  • 5 Wool Shirts
  • 5 Beers
  • 5 Shovels
  • 5 Hatchets
  • 5 Hoes

Note: The administration can take actions (put goods on sale on all markets, configure courses at universities etc.) to kickstart the game and the event.

The items produced must be placed in the kingdom's castle. Once the quota is reached, the King must immediately send a message to player Chronicle, who will verify the number of items. The items (or part of it) will be burned in a bonfire to celebrate the beginning of the event.


  • Bug report: 1 credit
  • Exploit report (bug that allows gaining advantages in the game): 5 credits Wiki page approved by Administration: 3 credits
  • Produce the required number of items: 100 credits (the King must tell the administration how to divide them among his team)

Question and Answers

How do I become a King?

Sign up for the game at and send an email to Chronicles. First come first serve!

What are credits for?

Accumulated credits can be spent on future bonuses (e.g. discount on monthly subscription, premium weekly subscriptions, or other bonuses)

How does the King appoint the Rector?

In addition to coordinating his team for reaching the objective, the King must produce lesson hours for the Course Administration II. The Rector is important because he can configure the courses at the universities so other player can learn skills!

To produce food it is necessary to cultivate, but there is no manure available…

The administration will provide sufficient manure in every market. Some player will need to take the skill Breeding I.

But how do you play? there are no instructions!

There are no instructions on purpose because it is a difficulty to overcome in the event.

How i report a bug?

You can report a bug on the Discord Server in the channel bugs

How i report a exploit?

Please dm directly the user Chronicles

How i write an article on Wiki?

Create a user here with your character name and start writing articles on how to play on CMA (Chronicles of Middle Ages).